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Success Stories

The Pit Que

"I started working with Ed in 2010, with a dream to open my own barbeque restaruant. Although I had been cooking and selling chicken and rib plates out of my home for several years, I had no real business experience and very limited capital. Ed told me that the first thing that needed to be done was develop a formal business plan. Only then could I substantiate my idea to both myself and potential lenders.

Over the next four years, I attended all of Eds's new business seminars, and he helped me develop and fine-tune a plan; and in January 2015, my dream was realized. The Pit Que was opened, creating one full-time and four part-time jobs, in addition to my own. At first, business was slow - - - then, Ed shared some marketing ideas that we put into effect, and now customers are standing in line to get in. I owe much of my success to Ed's continuing faith, encouragement and support." JG, 3/15

Ginger's Boutique

"Although I had a fulfilling career as a school teacher,I wanted to start my own business so I could have more time to spend with my daughter, who has special needs. A friend suggested that I schedule an appointment with the local Small Business Center for guidance, which I did. Ed suggested that I attend his small business development seminars and start thinking about developing a business plan.

I really didn't know what I wanted to do, so we looked into several possibilities, including a women's clothing franchise, a yogurt shop and a deli, but none worked out. I had previous women's apparel merchandising experience, and that was really where my heart was.

I had gotten really discouraged, and one day Ed called to see how I was doing. I told him that I had decided not to start a business. He would not let me give up. He encouraged me to continue looking for the right opportunity.

In the fall of 2013, I opened my business, Ginger's Boutique. First year's sales and profits were even higher than we projected. If Ed hadn't continued encouraging me, I probably would have given up."           GC 12/14



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