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For years, friends and clients have encouraged me to write a book about something. When I was in the corporate world, the recommended subject was "managing sales and salespeople." As one of the first Internet marketers and consultants, they suggested "advertising your business on the Internet." And for the past several years, it has been on "starting and succeeding in a new business." Until recently, when a friend and fellow small business consultant pointed out just how much these three subjects fit together, I had no desire to do so. But now I have.

My first business venture was in 1995, an Internet marketing company. It focused on advertising and selling golf, hospitality, and real estate services for clients in high profile resort and retirement markets such as Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Charleston, South Carolina. Since no one I knew of had ever started a business similar to this, I truly had to start from scratch. I had sales and management experience, knew how to read and interpret financial statements, and how to write a business plan. But actually starting a business? I didn't have a clue. There was no Internet to speak of then, so I had to rely on advice from others and "how to" books. But quite frankly, the books weren't much help. So hopefully this one will be to you.

In Psst, want to start a business? you will be introduced to the processes of starting and managing a successful business. These are the basics - - - just as important as laying a foundation for a house. And your new business will be your house, hopefully for many years to come.

We will talk about how to choose a business that is right for you - - - and what you must do to prepare yourself for success.

Reasons new businesses fail will be discussed, with ways to avoid them. You will learn the options and intricacies of acquiring financing; and you will discover creative methods of attracting and retaining customers and clients.

And finally, you will be given access to the management and leadership skills that you will need to succeed, and how to develop them.

Psst, want to start a business? is written and printed in an easy-to-read and understand format. Chapters are designed to be read sequentially or separately, depending on the reader's topic of interest

Table of Contents

  •   CHAPTER 1

    So You Want to Start a Business - - - GREAT ! You CAN!

  •   CHAPTER 2

    The Business Plan - - - the most important part of starting a business

  •   CHAPTER 3

    Financing Your Business - - - and not running out of money

  •   CHAPTER 4

    How to Improve Your Credit Score - - - so you can get a loan

  •   CHAPTER 5

    Marketing Your Business - - - or attracting customers and clients

  •   CHAPTER 6

    Social Media Marketing - - - the "new" way to market your business


    Licenses, Taxes, and Recordkeeping - - - the most boring part of owning a business


    Nonprofits - - - serving others and yourself


    Grants and Grant Writing - - - free money?

  • CHAPTER 10

    Home-Based Businesses - - - the safest way to start

  • CHAPTER 11

    Managing Your Business - - - to success and happiness


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