Small Business and Leadership Development Seminars

Ed Ormsby has been providing counseling and consulting services to small business owners for over twenty years.

In addition to over five years as the Director of the Small Business Center at the two-campus Edgecombe Community College, Ed has over twenty years' experience consulting and counseling small business owners in marketing and management.

He has held virtually every sales, marketing and executive management position with Fortune 500, mid-sized and small businesses throughout the Southeast. He has been a small business developer and owner for over twenty years.

Ed's passion for helping others is apparent in the way he conducts his seminars as well as in his personal life. His presentation style is informal and engaging, encouraging participants to interact throughout.

Listed below are just some of the credentials he holds:

  •   Fully Accredited North Carolina Small Business Center Director (SBCN)

  •   Certified REAL, REAL Healthcare and Agri-REAL Entrepreneurial Instructor (NC REAL Enterprises)

  •   Certified Nonprofit Board Member Trainer (NC State University Institute for Nonprofits)

  •   Certified Micro-Loan Intake Professional (NC Rural Economic Development Center)

  •   Over 500 hours of small business-related continuing education

  •   Developer and Instructor - Leadership Development Certificate Program (ECC - 10 week)

  •   Developer and Instructor - New Business Development Certificate Program (ECC - 7 week)


Here's what seminar attendees said on evaluations when asked, "What did you like most about the seminar?"

  •   " Presentation slides very clear and understandable - - - was excellent."

  •   " Presenter is very knowledgeable about the subject. The best workshop dealing with grant writing that I have been to."

  •   " Open to questions, which made for a comfortable atmosphere."

  •   " Professional instruction and one-on-one advice and help."

  •   " The style of teaching, very interactive with students."

  •   " It was exciting and fun learning - - - everybody participated."

  •   " Instructor seems like he wants us to start our business as much as we do."

  •   " The program is awesome; not only can this material be used on the job, but in day-to-day living."

  •   " Fast pace, smooth flow of presentation."

  •   " The presenter's passion for the subject."

Over 85% of attendees return to attend additional seminars.



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