Small Business and Leadership Development Seminars

Small business is BIG business!

According to Forbes Magazine, there are over 28,000,000 small businesses in the United States. Small businesses have generated over 65% of all new jobs since 1995;

  •  About 22,000,000 are non-employer businesses (the owner is the only paid employee) and
     about 6,000,000 are employer businesses (those with at least one paid employee in addition to the owner);

  •   Non-employer businesses generate just under $100 billion in annual revenue;

  •   Employer firms with less than ten paid employees generate over $450 trillion in annual revenue;

  •   Employer businesses with less than ten paid employees employ over 15,000,000 people;

  •   About half of employer businesses close before the end of the fifth year;

  •   Only about one-third of employer businesses are still in business after fifteen years.

  •   Non-employee businesses have a higher failure rate than employer businesses

So why do so many small businesses fail? And what can be done to help them avoid and/or overcome threatening conditions?

Well, they fail most often because:

  •   New business owners fail to plan properly;

  •   Owners lack personal skills necessary for successful development and management;

  •   Established owners are not properly prepared for situations that might put their company in jeopardy;

  •   The owners wait too long to seek assistance;

So what can be done to overcome these factors? Easy - - - educate them.

And that is what Ed Ormsby does in his Small Business Success programs. Through his interactive, easy to understand seminars, he gives both prospective and existing business owners the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Not only does he include basic start-up topics such as introductions to entrepreneurship, business planning, finance, marketing, nonprofits and grant writing in his New Business development Series, he provides personal skills training in his Personal Development Series. All seminars can be offered independently AS Certificate programs.



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